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    Facilities of  Saraswati Reading Library

    Saraswati Reading Library serves the research community as well to general public without any distinction. The library serves a wide spectrum of members it include students, teachers, research scholars, businessmen, professionals, housewives, retired persons etc. from Ahmedabad, India and abroad. Saraswati Reading Library is A unique place specially designed for Professionals, students and book enthusiasts to spend quality time with their books and enhance their knowledge.

    Its a Non-Commercial organization promoted by "Mr. Nilesh Mewada" . Saraswati Reading Library is the Service institutions, which cater to the intellectual needs of its clientele, are to be known as the reader’s services or clientele services. The efficiency of any library is measured not only by its collection, building and other infrastructure facility, but it is being well judged by its services to the clientele.

    Saraswati Reading Library is

    Saraswati Reading Library invite all educated classes and students to avail this great opportunity and benefit themselves for their intellectual well- being and all round personality development.

    The Saraswati Reading Library is a research as well as a public library.

    It offers students and scholars an ideal place for higher and serious studies.