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  • Welcome To  Saraswati  Reading Library

    Our library helps to open the gates to the futures.

    Saraswati Reading Library with a well-thought & ergonomically designed interiors, to give you a pleasure & a cohesive reading environment.One of the most popular activities of Saraswati Reading Library, the reading room provides congenial atmosphere to students to pursue their studies seriously.

    For reader who feel the need of an exclusive place to Read & Study and be at ease at the same time. Saraswati Reading Library which is the best place where one can feel at ease and comfortable, while enjoying their reading or concentrate on the project work without any interference and disturbance from others.

    "Some where, every single time you visit our library. you will go home with some time new."

    Why Saraswati Reading Library ?

    Clean, Cohesive and Comfortable

    The idea is to provide a Reading area that facilitates and enhances readers’ concentration.

    Our USP

    Furniture designed specially to suit long hour sitting and to avoid any disturbance from co-readers.

    Fully Air Conditioned & Silent Environment

    To drive away fatigue, ensure longer study hours and better performance.

    Motto of Saraswati Reading Library

    • Recognize Progress

    • Access Reading Comprehension

    • Encourage Kids To Read More

    • Promote A Reading Culture

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    Saraswati Reading Library

    Best place to Read, Preparation Study, Presentation work, Project work etc, for :

    The room has been kept open for people from all walks of life. Admissions are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. The concept has been successful in promoting group feeling and providing a homely atmosphere for studies.

    Main aim of this site is to inform and attract visitors attention towards our activities and also to extend our heartily invitation to all to come forward and share our joy in conducting Saraswati Reading Library activities.

    Please contact us for further details about this innovative concept and membership subscription.

    Our Showcase